Simple Logo




Looking for your place on the map – brand your business with a beautiful look that screams – you!

A Mama Miss logo will allow you to put your personal mark on anything from a t shirt to a business card.  My design process starts with a few key components I need from you, then I create an initial mock-up with how I see it from what you described (I will create up to 3 variations if needed) – but ultimately it is your design & you tell me what you want.

This package includes a custom logo design.  The files are high resolution in PNG, JPG or PSD, whichever you prefer. This logo will be yours and you will have rights to use this logo however you please.

Please email me at mamamissblog (@) yahoo (.) com to get started BEFORE you have placed this order.  Once we have chatted & I’ve added you to my client calendar, you can come back here & pay the deposit (25%).  Once the job is completed & logo is in hand, the final payment is required (remaining balance 75%).